The Moulin de St Vite is about to be demolished. Hopefully it will be possible to preserve much of the machinery for a museum exhibit. In December 2019, Fumel photo club was asked to provide a photographic record of the mill before demolition. This is my contribution to the photos.

An exhibition is planned for the festival Photo Fumel in June 2020 and I will be designing and publishing a book of the photos.

The Moulin de St Vite is located on the Lot River on the border of Quercy and Agenais. Its origins date back to medieval times but the building has been redesigned and expanded over the centuries.
On the lower level you can still see the stone grinding wheels although some are broken.
The ground floor still has the mills to grind the grain. These were installed at the beginning of the nineteenth century to replace the old mill wheels.
On the first floor there is a forest of pipes through which the grain or flour passed during the milling process.
The top floor houses the plansichters or sieves and the machinery to operate the mill.