“Les traces du temps” and “Images de Quercy” September 2018 Gallery la Carré Puy l’Eveque

“L’âme du Vin” December 2018 Gallery le Carré Puy l’Eveque

“Wine Tasting a Sensory Journey” Summer 2017 Cave du Chateau Famaey

“Les traces du temps” September 2017 in the Couvent Gallery, Belaye

“L’âme du Vin” Winter 2014-2015 Cave du Compoir de Genes St Emilion

“Musicians” August 2012 and 2013 in the Couvent Gallery, Belaye France

“Wine Tasting a Sensory Journey” 2011 and 2012 in various vineyard galleries in Israel

“Plaisirs d’hiver” february 2010 Artistica Gallery Brussels

“Wine” June-July 2010 Stella Solaris Salon Brussels

“Railway” 2009 Centre Culturel de Jette

“Papier” 2008 Centre Culturel de Jette

“L’âme du Vin”  Brussels Miroir club exhibition October 2006 Centre Culturel de Jette

“Decouverts” Salve Mater Foto Festival in Leuven 29 april – 7 may 2006

“Visions Insolites” 27th January – 5th May 2006 A one-man exhibition of 60 photographs at Zoom Gallery in the European quarter of Brussels.